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Fuel pressure - Am i doing it right ?

Fuel pressure - Am i doing it right ?

Mar 2nd 2021

Fuel pressure is one of the most important adjustments you can make to your fuel system. Getting this right has a major effect on the performance of your carburetor. Too high : flooding, sloshing over and fuel foaming  problems , Too low : hesitation , surging and burned pistons are in your future.

Every form of racing has it's own set of requirements, oval track has potential stumbling issues, short course same deal and drag racers don't want to run out ! Pump volume is more important than pump pressure (we're looking for liquid fuel not foam) so reasonable pressure with good volume is the gold standard. Foaming causes all kinds of problems including holding the floats up and causing lean conditions.

Different style pumps require different settings :

Drag race electric pump 6-7 psi (gas or e-85) 7-8 psi (methanol)

Drag race belt drive pump 3-4 psi idle 8-9 psi wot (methanol) by the way setting the brake and flashing the converter is dangerous and won't get you a better reading than revving it 4000 rpm in park.

Oval track push rod pump 8 psi 

Oval track belt drive pump 3-5 psi @ idle and 7 psi max (gas)  9-9 1/2 (methanol)

Short course w/electric pump 5 psi

Always remember : set fuel pressure first ,then set your floats.

Hope this helps clear up a few questions.  KB out !