Racing Carburetors

slick_track_carb_006_edited-1KB Carburetors custom builds carburetors from raw components to best meet the needs of your combination. Most of our size/calibrations are unique to the carburetor industry. Many of our models are equipped with billet components such as metering blocks and baseplates. They are also powder coated red, if you require plain or a special color tell us when you order. We also build a number of gauge legal carburetors, please know your rules so we can build the most competitive carburetor for your application. We can build gas, methanol and E-85 carburetors for oval, drag, off road and street. We also offer repair and modification services on most Holley based cores.

We offer free overseas shipping on new carburetors.

Drag Racing
We offer carburetors for many drag racing applications including bracket, throttle stop, heads up and top dragster / top sportsman calibrations. We alsooffer blow thru carburetors for gas, methanol or e-85. Prices start at $800.00. Custom colors available at no extra charge.

IMG_0392Oval Track
These carburetors are available in many configurations from gauge legal 2bbl’s to larger “open” engine 4bbl’s and even our highly successful “slick track” carburetor. Applications for late models, dirt mods, small and big block mods and crate motors are available. Prices start at $675 2bbl, $800 4bbl.

Off Road Truck
Domination of this form of racing is our calling card, call us for info on one of our many configurations. They are available for closed course and desert applications.

We can rebuild, modify for higher flow, or even convert your core to e-85 or methanol. We also repair/rebuild competitors carburetors. As long as it’s a Holley or Holley clone (braswell, quick fuel, etc.) we can service it. Call for details and pricing.

Whether it’s a fuel log, a bypass, or a carb spacer we can supply most items needed to complete your installation.